Corporate and Private Event Booking

Amazing Dio is truly "Amazing" for a Corporate event , his powerful communication abilities led to various invitations to present his MIND GAMES to many corporate events.

He delivers hisfast-paced, highly entertaining MIND GAMES show that will amaze everyone,
His show MIND GAMES is highly interactive, custom made, based on the specific needs of each CORPORATE client.

He has a unique ability to maintain the audience’s interest , make them laugh and uses his MIND GAMES to thrill and engage with his audiences, a unique experience ,their ability to reveal your thoughts will make you gasp in astonishment !

The 2 person telepathy act with Amazing Dio & Elina can be performed anywhere ,from small partys till big corporate events and you'll be entranced and delighted by how easily they connect with your innermost thoughts !

Their show offers amazingly entertaining elements of clairvoyance, modern masterpieces of trickery and unforgettable moments filled with thought-provoking fun!